How We Help

Rooster opened our eyes to a huge problem and issue in our city, region and entire country: the issue of heartworm disease and the overwhelming number of people who do not give their pets heartworm preventive. The reality for dogs like Rooster Cogburn, who find themselves in rural shelters and test positive for heartworms, is that they won’t make it out alive unless they are pulled by a rescue organization. Rescue organizations are struggling with the cost of paying for heartworm treatment for dogs. Shelters are underfunded and cannot afford to treat the dogs for heartworm disease and the likelihood of an adopter wishing to privately bear the burden of the cost of treating the animal is slim to none (although there are definitely some people ready, willing and able to do so!). We found that there was a need to help sponsor treatment for heartworm positive dogs so wonderful people who want to adopt a dog but who may not be able to afford full priced heartworm treatment can make a new addition to their family. Additionally, we found there is a need to educate the public about the importance of giving your pet monthly heartworm preventive.

Sadly, there is no treatment for heartworms in cats. Please visit for more information.

Since Rooster to the Rescue’s inception, we have worked very hard to form quality partnerships with the shelters that are most in need (in more rural areas) and veterinarians practicing in those and surrounding counties. We have helped over 30 dogs adopted from shelters with their heartworm treatment and cannot wait until we can help more; with an ultimate goal of having chapters of Rooster to the Rescue in every state!! If you’re interested in setting up a local chapter in your county, please fill out our contact form and indicate your interest.

How it works

We help subsidize the cost of heartworm treatment for dogs adopted from the shelter. For instance, someone adopts a heartworm positive dog from one of our partner shelters and contacts us for help with their new family member’s heartworm treatment. We send them our Have a Heart? Save a Heart! Campaign information and they choose either a partner veterinarian or their own veterinarian for treatment! (Contribution levels vary based on weight of the dog, course of treatment chosen by adopter and pricing of the individual veterinarian.) We are currently working on a new program for people to apply for heartworm treatment cost assistance following adopting a pet from any shelter!